Do I Need a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is a specialist engineer that works specifically with building structures and structural work.

Structural engineers play a crucial role in the construction industry. They are responsible for assessing and designing the structural elements of a building, ensuring its stability, durability, and compliance with safety regulations.

Generally speaking, if you are planning or executing structural work under UK Building Regulations, you will need to engage a structural engineer.

Whereas architects may or may not be needed depending on the complexity of a project, a structural engineer will always be needed where any structural work is being carried out.

As well as larger construction projects, this can also include minor jobs such as knocking down a wall to create an open plan living space.

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What does a Structural Engineer Do?

Structural engineers design, plan, and oversee structural work, where assessing the strength, safety and durability of buildings or structures is vital to determine their structural integrity.

Where walls are being knocked down or additional openings for access are being created, a structural engineer can assess the load bearing requirements of the new structure and provide the calculations for steel beam installation or RSJ installation.

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As well as ensuring safety, structural engineers can save time and money and ensure projects run more efficiently by acting as consultants to architects or building contractors: calculating loads, defining the spec of the project, and which materials and structural systems to use during construction, such as steel, concrete, or wood.

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At Earls Barton Building Company Ltd, we have a team of experienced structural engineers who can assist you in navigating the complexities of UK building regulations. Our professionals can provide comprehensive structural assessments, design solutions, and calculations tailored to your project’s requirements. We understand the importance of compliance, safety, and quality in construction and strive to deliver outstanding results that meet and exceed your expectations. Here are some factors we will discuss and consider with you when planning your project:

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